DCWD Christmas Party Celebration

Friday the 13th need not at all to be scary as the yuletide season became merrier for DCWD employees when they celebrated their annual Christmas Party on December 13, 2019 anchored on the theme, “Moving Forward Towards Achieving 30/30 for the Year 2020.”

The said theme aims for the DCWD to be a Category A Local Water District (LWD) through increasing the number of its active concessionaires to at least 30,000 and through reducing its Non-Revenue Water (NRW) to 30% or less. Hence, the 30/30 battle cry.

This endeavor was unveiled during the District’s celebration of its 32nd anniversary last July 28, 2019 lead by the DCWD Board of Directors and the DCWD Management, which had then encouraged all District employees to intensify the campaign on increasing the number of concessionaires and reducing the NRW. Marketing efforts and activities have been implemented along with ongoing projects that will improve the water supply and extend the District’s services to potential customers thereby. The NRW is also continuously conducting leak detections and various programs to effectively reduce the DCWD’s NRW rate.

General Manager Adelfo B. Valle expressed in his welcome remarks that although this Christmas party will be his last in DCWD as he is set to retire next year, his time serving not only as a General Manager but also as an employee in the District will give him memories to be cherished during his retirement years. GM Valle further stated that he had considered DCWD as family and will pray for it to flourish throughout the years.

Board Chairman Atty. Liberato C. Reyna, Jr. serenaded the crowd with his rendition of the song “.” and highlighted in his inspirational message that the goal for the 30/30 program is only a matter of perspective. He added that all employees should positively contribute in this endeavor by exerting marketing efforts while simultaneously performing their respective duties.

Board Vice-Chairman Mr. Raymundo H. Ramos supported Chairman Reyna’s message and stated that the DCWD employees are known to be goal-oriented and to perform well as team-players, hence, the goal to achieve the 30,000 active service connections and 30% NRW is attainable.

Director Arlene G. Sanchez, the Director/Secretary of the DCWD Board, informed the audience during her speech that as of November 2019, the total number of active concessionaires is at 26,989 while the NRW is at 25.9%, compared to the numbers at the beginning of this year in which the number of active concessionaires is at 25,748 and the NRW at 39.27%

Mr. Armand Roth E. Duque, the youngest among the Directors, inspired the DCWD workforce in his speech stating that the DCWD can successfully achieve its goals on its own as what it has been doing for the past 32 years because of the Management and its personnel with the support and guidance of the Board.

The night was filled with fun and laugher as each Division prepared their respective presentation for the party’s contest. The audience applauded and cheered every presentation, but the Customer Service Division stood out among the performances as it was declared the Grand Winner for the said contest. The Construction and Maintenance Division and the Accounting Division snatched the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The DCWD Employees’ Association for Progress (DEAP) lead by its President Mr. Audemar E. Abarabar facilitated the raffle draw where no one was left behind since all employees were able to take home their prizes. Sacks of rice, grocery packs and appliances, among others are some of the prizes prepared by DEAP with the help of the District’s sponsors.

Towards the end of the program, the Board of Directors sought for the employees’ support and effort to help contribute in the 30/30 program as the result will bear fruit for the success of the DCWD and in turn will benefit the employees.