5 Tips To Help You Conserve Your Water Consumption

Keeping It Down

Always use appropriate( or the least possible) amount of detergent when washing dishes. This practice helps you save 50-150 gallons of water a month.

Fix the Leaks

20 gallons of water per day can go to waste due to a small drip from a worn faucet. To prevent this, make it a habit to check faucets and pipes for leaks, and if there’s any, have it fixed immediately.

Be Fresh, Spend Less

Save 10 gallons of water per person everyday by turning off running water while doing personal hygiene such as washing your hair or brushing your teeth.

Make it Quick

Save off a minute from your shower time and save up to 45 liters of water everyday.

It’s All About Timing

Save 25 gallons of water each time you water your plants early in the morning or in the evening to reduce evaporation and to prevent ineffective watering due to wind.