Water Service Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Check for any leakage

  1. A leak after the meter is the concessionaire’s responsibility.
  2. Remember that one primary cause of abnormal high consumption is leakage after the meter.
  3. DCWD reminds its concessionaires to be aware of any leakages in their service connection after the water meter to avoid high billing.

Fix the leaks

  1. Turn off all taps in and around the house and observe the water meter for about five minutes.
  2. If the water meter dial turns even if all your faucet are closed, you have a leakage in your service line. Since leakage is after the water meter, please engage the services of a private plumber to fix the leakage
  3. If leakage is before the meter, please call our customer services provided in the contact page.

Low/No Water Pressure

  1. When there is no water available or very low water pressure, close all your faucets tightly and turn off electric motor pump and ball valve to avoid air vacuum in the system.
  2. Leaving the ball valve open while there is no water available can cause the water dial to still turn due to pressure, hence this may result to a higher water bill.