Newly-Elected DEAP Officers to Start Term On February 15

To formally announce the results of the recently-concluded election of offices of the Dagupan City Water District Employees’ Association for Progress (DEAP), newly-elected officers of DEAP attended the oath-taking ceremony on February 3, 2020, conducted at the Training Center of the DCWD Administrative Building, Tambac, Dagupan City.

Engr. Ramilo S. Zareno from the Construction and Maintenance Division was elected by the majority of the DCWD Employees to lead the association having been elected as the President of DEAP, while Mr. Jessie B. Rapadas from the General Services Division was elected to the Vice-President position. Other officers elected were as follows: Mrs. Leonecelle O. Siapno (Secretary), Mrs. Yoji S. Daroy (Sub-Secretary), Mrs. Geraldine G. Cruz (Treasurer) Mr. Michael A. Fabe (Auditor), Mr. Ronnie M. Salayog (Public Relations Officer), Mr. Frederick Meneses and Mr. Reynaldo Coquia, Jr. (Sargeant-at-Arms). These employees will start their term as DEAP Officers effective on February 15, 2020, which will be for a period of two (2) years.

Mr. Audemar E. Abarabar, the current DEAP President expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the support given by the DEAP members all throughout his term. He had extended his appreciation to his fellow officers whose term will also end on February 14, 2020. Mr. Abarabar added that he had seen all the DEAP Officers’ growth and development during their term, as they have collectively lead the association for the benefit and welfare of the District personnel, particularly the approval and renewal of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) which has become effective since the year 2016. He further stated that the newly-elected officers can effectively perform their duties as the majority of the DEAP Members have given their trust and confidence for them to represent the DCWD Employees.

Engr. Zareno assured the DEAP Members that any suggestion, insight or idea for the implementation of the association’s projects and programs will be very much welcomed by the officers as they continue to implement the current programs while considering new ways for a better and improved service. The new DEAP President emphasized that the support of the members will play a significant role to the association’s collective success. Hence, Engr. Zareno encouraged that all members become involved and active to the DEAP’s endeavor.