The day of February 11, 2020 has made the DCWD employees thankful and hopeful at the same time as the past, present and the future of DCWD intertwined during the “Paalam-Pasasalamat Program” which recognized the contributions of General Manager Adelfo B. Valle who was set to retire that day and to welcome Engr. Rizaldy T. Mandap as the incoming General Manager (GM) of the District.

Mrs. Christy C. Agustin, the Administrative and Human Resources Department Manager, welcomed the audience to the event and stated that the program will be a bittersweet memory for the District as they witnessed the turning over of duties by GM Valle to the incoming GM Rizaldy T. Mandap.

The Board of Directors (BOD) Chairman, Atty. Liberato C. Reyna, Jr., delivered his inspirational message with his usual enthusiasm and motivational gestures. He emphasized that the Board will continue to guide the Management and support its endeavors particularly the implementation of projects for the improvement of DCWD services. The good Chairman also extended his appreciation for GM Valle’s administration and welcoming Engr. Rizaldy T. Mandap to take over the highest ranking position in DCWD.

The program was also coupled with the Audio-Visual Presentation giving a glimpse of how employees see GM Valle as a Family Man, a Boss and a Friend. The outgoing GM’s family also joined the celebration and his wife, Atty. Aurora Valle, gave a heartfelt message expressing her appreciation for the program prepared for her husband. GM Valle and his family accepted the Plaque of Appreciation awarded by the District and he beamed with pride when he delivered his farewell speech. He highlighted that although he will be retiring from the service, he will always be the District’s Big Brother. The outgoing GM can’t help but to express how thankful he is to the Board of Directors, specially to the Board Chairman for he has been the most understanding and considerate Chairman that he had worked with. He also thanked every employee in the District for their respective contributions. GM Valle further stated that the DCWD will always be close to his heart even after his service to the District.

Vice-Chairman Raymundo H. Ramos serenaded the audience when he sang to the tune of For all the Good Times at the end of his message. He also mentioned the employees who are in the same batch as GM Valle. The Vice-Chairman reminisced that these individuals established the DCWD and had worked hard to enjoy what we have right now. Director Arlene G. Sanchez followed the speech of Vice-Chairman Ramos and highlighted in her message that Engr. Mandap will have big shoes to fill in as he takes over as the new GM of DCWD. She stated that GM Valle has shown consideration and is compassionate about the DCWD workforce. Both Directors had expressed their admiration to the outgoing GM and expressed their support to the incoming GM. Director Armand Roth E. Duque read some excerpts of the Board Resolution appointing Engr. Mandap as the new GM emphasizing the legal bases and the effective dates of his term which will be from February 12, 2020 to December 31, 2024.

The program was followed by an Introductory Speech giving a glimpse of the life story of Engr. Mandap particularly his work experiences even before being a DCWD Employee. This was delivered by one of his colleagues in the Construction & Maintenance Division, Mr. Renato N. Mundo, who highlighted how Engr. Mandap handled multi-tasking, work pressure and other difficulties encountered in the workplace.

GM Valle turned over the duties and responsibilities of the Head of Agency position to Engr. Mandap through symbolically passing over a copy of the Presidential Decree No. 198. The outgoing GM also hoped and prayed for a fruitful administration of GM Mandap. The turnover ceremony was followed by the oath-taking of GM Mandap administered by Chairman Reyna.

During his acceptance speech, GM Mandap emphasized that DCWD is our bread and butter, hence, each employee should perform their duties anchored on the goal to achieve a more improved and better service. The incoming GM also expressed his sincerest appreciation to the Board of Directors who have given their trust and confidence to him to effectively perform the functions of the GM position. He assured that although he is not promising a perfect administration, all his decisions will be for the benefit and welfare of the DCWD and its concessionaires and stakeholders. GM Mandap sought the support and assistance of all employees particularly to exert effort in achieving the goal for the 30/30 Program which is to reach at least 30,000 active concessionaires and to reduce the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) to 30% or less. The audience showed their support to the new GM by giving a deafening applauds in agreement to his speech.

For the messages of the remaining Board of Directors, Director Duque informed the audience that for two years that he had attended the Board meetings, he has never witnessed GM Valle to have pinpointed the responsibility to any Department or Division Manager. Rather, he had always taken responsibility for the consequences of actions taken or not taken by DCWD. The Director added that he had observed that GM Valle had taken work pressure calmly and solved it accordingly. Further, Director Voltaire Siapno-Tada stated in his message that GM Valle has been an accommodating and approachable General Manager. The outgoing GM had consistently discussed significant matters to the Board and had considered their suggestions for improvement. Director Siapno-Tada wished GM Valle to enjoy his retirement years and to stay healthy.

The program was closed by Mr. Raul T. Castaño by giving his heartfelt remarks to GM Valle who is also his Brother in the Masonry. Although he jokingly stated that he may have been out of words as he was assigned to be the last to deliver a message, the Accounting Division Manager thanked GM Valle for all his hard work in the District and that he deserve this kind of recognition. He also expressed his support to GM Mandap and hoped for a harmonious work relationship among the DCWD employees.