Training Centers

  1. Who may avail of the service?
    • Interested parties who would like to avail of the training center facilities.
    • Government and private agencies who desires to conduct seminars and training
  2. Requirements
    • Reservations Made
  3. Fees and Charges
    • Varies on the functions and facilities used
  1. Service Availability
    • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

How to avail of the service

Steps Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person-in-Charge
Step 1 Client shall proceed to the Training Center Office for the following: Provides and explain Training Center brochure for facilities and rates of the function hall and apartelle 5-10 minutes

Remedios N. Sapiera or Clariena C. Clarin

  a. Query Tour the client to the Training Center Facilities.    
  b. Reservation of function

Client shall fill-up Reservation Form

Pay Reservation Fee or settle the full amount.

10 minutes  
  c. Payment of Reservation Fee Training Center Staff or authorized representative shall issued Official Receipt fo the partial/full payment 3-5 minutes  
Step 2

Before/at least 2 days before the function (to finalize the arrangement and set-up)

– The client shall coordinate with the Training Center Staff for the set-up and arrangement of the seminar , training or function

Training Center Staff shall assists and provide client for the arrangement and se-up of the function reserved. 10-15 minutes

Remedios N. Sapiera Clariena C. Clarin John T. Soriano Menandro D. Reyes

Step 3 After the function /check-out date of Occupation of Room. Training Center Staff will inspect whatever lost or damage incurred by the client. Any damage and lost will be charged to the client. 5-10 minutes John T. Soriano Menandro D. Reyes
Step 4 Settlement of Accounts Payable (Balance of the Payment) Receives payment and issues Official Receipt. 3-5 minutes Remedios N. Sapiera