Inspection of Water Meters

In case it is suspected that the water meter does not register correctly and the consumer believes that his bill is exorbitant, the case shall be reported immediately to the District for inspection and investigation.

  1. Who may avail of the service?
    • Registered concessionaires of the Dagupan City Water District.
  2. Requirements
    • Personal request of the registered concessionaire or any of his/her authorized representative
    • Report/s submitted by meter readers or
  3. Fees and Charges
    • Not Required
  4. Service Availability
    • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

How to avail of the service

Steps Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person-in-Charge
Step 1 The concessionaire proceeds to the Commercial Division and presents a copy of his/her bill.

Receives the complaint forward the same to the Meter Reader/Customer Service Assistant (Investigator) to reread the meter and make necessary inspection.

The Meter Reader /Customer Service Assistant (Investigator) shall determine in particular if there are leaks.

5-10 minutes

10-15 minutes

Ma. Dulce Amor P. Salcedo or Fernando A. Biason Jr.

Renato G. Quebral

Step 2 Should no leak be found, the concessionaire shall request for meter calibration Calibrates the water meter and be subjected to tests. 30-40 minutes

Faustino M. Braganza or Leonardo B. Capua.


  • If the water meter was found to be defective the District shall change the water meter free of charge.
  • If the water meter was found to be registering more, billing should be adjusted based upon the result of the test, and if payment had already been made, it shall be considered as an advance payment.
  • Should no leak be found and meter was found to be in order, the consumer shall be held responsible for payment of all water consumed on his property.
  • If the water meter does not register, the District will bill the consumer on the average of the three (3) highest consumption during the TWELVE (12) MONTHS period, if conditions remain unchanged for three consecutive months and the consumer has been notified by the District, the defective meter shall then be removed and changed by the District’s authorized personnel