Re-connection and Re-Opening of Water Meters

  1. Who may avail of the service?
    • Registered concessionaires of the Dagupan City Water District whose water connection/services were disconnected for failure to pay water bills or upon request.
  2. Requirements
    • Personal request of the registered/disconnected concessionaire or any of his/her authorized representative
  3. Fees and Charges
Re-connection Fee a. Non-payment
b. Upon request
₱ 500.00
₱ 150.00
Payment of water bill arrearsFull Payment
Materials In cases of old accounts

**Materials vary due to sizes and prices change without prior notice.

  1. Service Availability
    • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

How to avail of the service

Steps Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person-in-Charge
Step 1 Makes request to the Customer Service
Desk for the reconnection of service.
Prepares the service request
and verifies the
concessionaire’s record
/ledger, and state the necessary
5-10 minutes Fernando A. Biason, Jr. or
Lord Byron T. Torio
Ronald P. Mejia
Step 2 Pays to the Teller all the necessary fees,
including arrearages of water bills, if any,
and secure an official receipt.
Receives the payment and
issues Official Receipt
3-5 minutes Agnes C. Sanchez
Yoji S. Daroy
Step 3 In cases of Old Accounts, pays list of
materials and secures Official Receipt.

a. Computes lists of materials

b. Receives payment of
materials and issues Official

5-10 minutes Agnes C. Sanchez
Yoji S. Daroy
Step 4 Receives the materials purchased at the
Property Office
Issues the materials purchased 10-15 minutes Michael A. Fabe
Imelda L. Llemos
Step 5 Witness the installation of water connection Reconnects water service

30 minutes to
1 hour
For unpaid

3-4 Hours in
cases of old

Members of the Disconnection

Members of the Water
Maintenance Group